Hey there -- are you worried about your toddler's language development?  Well, you are in the right place!
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How to Get Your Toddler Talking: A proven system for parents to teach their child to talk.  


Learn the Unique Strategy used to teach thousands of parents how to get their toddlers talking in the shortest amount of time possible.  


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You didn't end up on this page by chance.  You've scoured the internet to find ways to teach your child to talk.  You've read articles.  You've watched the videos on TikTok and Instagram.  You've tried it all, but you are still not seeing the progress you want...  

I get it.  It feels like you are throwing spaghetti at the wall and very little of it (if any) is sticking!  That's because getting toddlers to start talking is like stacking blocks -- you have to stack them up in the right way so they don't tip over.  Put a big one on too soon and you have to start all over with.  It's the same with language -- you have to know the steps and sequence.  And that's just ONE piece of the language puzzle!  

 If any of this sounds familiar, you are in the right place!   I am going to tell you exactly how the How To Get Your Toddler Talking Program will give you the tools, inspiration and unparalleled support on your journey to teach your child to communicate.  No more guesswork, just a clear pathway and the tools to get there.

Before I Tell You All About This Amazing Program, Let's Talk About Who This Is Really For...

  • The mom who is wondering why her son is not yet saying 'mom' 
  • The dad who's daughter is the only one in the playgroup who isn't talking
  • The parent who looks a development chart and sees that their child is on target in all areas but communication
  • The mom who's toddler only points and says 'eh' to tell her what he wants
  • The parent who wonders why their daughter doesn't respond to her name
  • The parent who is concerned that their toddler may be on the autism spectrum
  • The mom who is frustrated  having expressed concerns to family, friends and medical professionals only to be told to 'give it more time' when they want help NOW
  • The dad who's toddler prefers to play alone rather than with him
  • The parent who's toddler has no words resulting in frequent meltdowns because they are unable to communicate
  • The mom who is concerned that her toddler doesn't seem to understand simple directions
  • The parent who knows in their gut that their child needs more support with their communication but they just don't know how to help them at home
  • The parent who has their child in outpatient therapy but are wanting to see faster progress
  • Parents who are on a limited budget or find accessing speech supports for their child a challenge.
  • The parent who is worried about how their child's language delay may impact their learning later in life.
Wouldn't it be amazing if...
  • You had a better understanding of why your child is not yet talking
  • You knew simple brain development hacks allowing you to maximize your efforts leading to quicker outcomes
  • You understood how your child's behavior affects their ability to communicate and had strategies to teach them a better way
  • You better understood your child's communication style and temperament and how to use this information to see more progress
  • You knew how YOUR communication style  impacts your child's communication
  • You knew EXACTLY what strategies to use, when to use them and how to use them for maximum effect
  • You had ongoing monthly support from a toddler communication expert to help you navigate struggles and plateaus, provide feedback and offer insights and education on developmental milestones and topics that can impact communication and learning
If you are saying 'HECK YES' while reading this, then it's time for you to join my How to Get Your Toddler Talking program.  Let's get your child on the pathway to words so you don't have to worry anymore!

Here's what parents are saying...

After months of struggling with my two year old regressing in his language development, I felt like I was at a dead end. I came across The mentor mom and I feel like our whole life has changed in such a short period of time. My son is now speaking over two hundred words and he is putting two and three word sentences together. The course in itself was so simple to go through, pause, and continue as needed. Highly recommend to anyone who’s toddler needs a  push.


This course really helped me understand and bond with my children. I recommend this course to any parent out there. Jill is a gift from heaven, she knows what she's talking about. Try it you wont regret it.


Jill helped us recognize our son's communication attempts and helped us build interactions that ultimately got him talking.  We couldn't have done it without her!


Jill helped me recognize and treasure my daughter's strengths.  She helped my daughter increase her awareness and overcome her fears.  She did amazing work on helping us to improve her initiation and speech skills.  Jill is amazing!



How to Get Your Toddler Talking

After going through the How to Get Your Toddler Talking program, you will have the skills and support to confidently implement language strategies at home with your child!

Learn the sure fire strategies used by professionals to stimulate toddler language all from the comfort of home!

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Let's Talk program

The breakdown


You're going to




You get lifetime access to the How to Get Your Toddler Talking Digital course. Five modules of toddler speech goodness providing you with all the knowledge and strategies needed to get your toddler from no words to 2-3 word sentences.  It includes printable resources such as visual picture schedules and first word books as well as a video library of the strategies in action. Everything you need is literally at your fingertips with the included free app. The course is designed to work with your busy schedule.

Live support

Having all the information and strategies is great, right?  But what if you try one and it doesn't seem to work?  That's where the monthly live Q&A's come In -- you are not alone! There are lots of subtle little nuances when it comes to toddler speech. Having someone to provide you with feedback, direction and support during those times is a game changer.  I want nothing more than for you to experience the joy of hearing your toddler using words and am here to support you along the way!


As if the live coaching support was not enough, you will also have the support of a community of parents who are also going through the process. Because let's be honest, having a child with a language delay can be lonely and isolating place for parents. The private community provides a place to get support and encouragement on those hard days, share wins as well as resources.  Not able to attend the live Q&A?  Drop your question in the group! You are not alone in this journey!


Building the Foundation

This module is all about creating a solid foundation for language. There are many skills that must be in place before words will come!  By the end of this module, you will have a greater understanding of just how language is developed in young children making implementing strategies that meet your child where they are at (meaning less frustration for you both) a breeze.



You and Your Child

 Here's the hardest part of teaching language to young kids -- they all have different temperaments and communication styles.  And so do you!  By the end of this module, you will have a clear picture of just how your child learns best allowing you to eliminate the language power struggles and move towards joyful communication interactions.


Strategies for Success

 This is it!  This is the meat and potatoes of the program.  By the end of this module, you will know how to:

  • Build engagement 
  • Improve understanding
  • Build vocabulary
  • Build sentences
  • Improve sound production and intelligibility



Developing Your Plan

of Action

 Now that you have all the strategies, it's time to figure out just where to start setting you and your child up for success.  You'll walk away with a clear plan of action on just what strategies to start with as well as how to get friends, family and care takers on the same page for enhanced learning.


Special Topics

In this module, you will learn more about other factors that can impact speech development including sleep, diet and screen time.  In addition, you will learn more about the impact that autism, apraxia and being a bilingual language learner can have on development as well as resources where you can learn more and get additional support.

I'm ready to join!


I know you're going to love these bonuses to keep you moving forward... 

Let's really fast-track your success!

Daily Routines

E-Book Bundle

This e-book bundle is designed to give you actionable ways to incorporate strategies into your daily routines saving you time and maximizing your child's learning!  It includes Music for Daily Routines, Sensory Strategies for Little Learners and the Daily Routines Handbook.  


Parent Journal 

This downloadable journal is designed to provide personal insights including looking at obstacles and personal challenges that may impact implementation of strategies.  It offers the opportunity for self-reflection and a process for tracking both you AND your child's progress during this journey. 


Early Childhood

Resource Library 

I get it -- life happens which can make it hard to stay on track with implementing the strategies in the program.  Enter the Early Childhood Resource Library, aka, The Mentor Mom Academy!  This learning portal is filled with videos, articles and printables to help you with everything from challenging diaper changes to how to handle meltdowns and tantrums.  


Speech Vault 

The speech vault is filled to the rim with checklists, pdf downloads, video demonstrations of strategies, activity ideas and more.  It is designed to provide you with all the resources needed to fast track your child's success.


Coaching Calls & VIP Community Access

You will get limited access to my VIP community where we meet live every week to discuss strategies, problem solve, identify resources and more.  You are not in this alone!  On top of that, you will be part of a community of other parents who are there to provide support and encouragement on your journey. 

Let's do this!  

I'm Ready for Access to the Program! ➡️

And just who will be teaching you How To Get Your Toddler Talking?


Me!  I'm The Mentor Mom


Early Childhood Interventionist, Masters Level Social Worker, Wife, Mom and Enthusiastic Teacher.

As an Early Childhood Interventionist, I have worked with families for thirty years, the last twenty five in the homes of families with toddlers with speech delays.

Over the years, I have developed a system that helps parents understand their child's language needs and utilize proven strategies to get their child communicating.

Creating this program has been a labor of love. I have helped thousands of families get their toddlers talking. To be witness to parents helping their child say their first words has been a truly humbling experience.

One thing I know for certain is that, with the right tools and determination, any parent can get their child talking.  

I firmly believe that parents are the most important and effective teacher for their child.

Should you choose to accept my invitation, I personally guarantee that this program will provide you with all the foundational knowledge and skills needed to get your child communicating.  

I look forward to meeting you personally inside the How to Get Your Toddler Talking course!



Still Have Questions?

How to Get Your Toddler Talking is your ticket to results...


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Not only will you get immediate access to the How to Get Your Toddler Talking program so you can get to the business of getting y our child talking, you'll also get peace of mind.  This is SO much more than just a course on toddler speech.  It's freedom.  Freedom from worry.  Freedom from feeling like you aren't doing enough.  It's time to let go of all of that and finally feel confident about teaching your toddler to talk!


How to Get Your Toddler Talking

Using Jill's three step framework, you will learn how to successfully implement language strategies at home that WORK for you and your child!


This step-by-step training is designed to make teaching language to your child easy eliminating the guesswork which means more results for you and your child.

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Still on the fence?  You should give How To Get Your Toddler Talking a shot if you are motivated by the following:  


You want your child talking...

I've been in your shoes...

I get it, I really do.  My daughter had language delays as a toddler.  She only had about three words at the age of 18 months when she should have had I remember the frustration, worry and, yes, even guilt that maybe this was in some way my fault (it isn't your fault, by the way...just in case you were thinking that too!).  Here's what I want you to know:

  • You can do this!  You just need the right tools and, boy oh boy, have I got a bunch of those!
  • Your child will learn to communicate!
  • You are your child's first, best and most important teacher.  You have the most time and opportunity to help your child learn the skills needed to start communicating.
I'm ready to get started ➡