Five tips to get your kids to listen.

Okay, so this week, we are talking listening. I'd be a rich woman if I got a dime for every time a parent asked me how to get their kids to listen. You aren't going to want to hear this, but this will be a battle for the duration of your parenting life. I'm not trying to discourage you with that last statement, but rather motivate you to work on this from an early age. I promise you, it will make your life easier as well as your child's. I honestly think the hardest part of parenting young children is how hands on we have to be, e.g., picking them up, moving them off of furniture and counters, not to mention having them on top of us all the time. I've had many conversations with moms in particular about being "touched out." That is a whole different ball of wax... Where was I? Oh yes, listening. Check out this weeks video with my top five tips for getting young kids to listen.

How to get young kids to listen.