How I Can Help

As an educator, one thing I have found over the years is that we all have different learning preferences.  As a result, I strive to support each individual in the way that works best for them.  There are no cookie cutter services here!  My goal is to give you what you need the way that works best for you because I know that what works for one parent doesn't work for another.  That is why I provide a variety of different service options.

Get ready to create change


For the independent learner who just wants the necessary information and is confident they can implement without lots of support.


For the individual looking for a cost effective way to get professional support and accountability as well as the benefits from a community of likeminded peers.


For the individual who wants to get serious results in addressing their parenting/familial concerns.  This is for the highly motivated parent who wants progress now.

How to Get Your Toddler Talking

This at home program for parents is the most comprehensive online course available providing a proven pathway for success.  This five week digital course provides parents with the tools needed to teach their toddler to talk at home.  What sets this program apart is that it includes monthly group coaching calls because we both know that learning the strategies is easy but implementing them can be hard!  The coaching sessions will provide you the support you need to build momentum and achieve your goal...a chatty toddler!


The Big Picture Parenting Program

Let's be honest -- the early  years are ROUGH!  They are also the most important.  Trying to navigate the defiance, testing behaviors and big emotions (including yours!) can be overwhelming and isolating. The Big Picture Parenting Program is an online course that focuses on understanding development, learning and implementing positive discipline strategies and, most importantly, how to manage your emotional and mental health allowing you to parent your child without breaking a sweat!  And with regular group coaching sessions, you will have all the support you need for success!


The Mentor Mom Academy

This low cost monthly membership program provides you with the educational resources and support to better understand your child's development as well as strategies to help navigate the ups and downs of the early childhood years while strengthening your relationship with your child.


Parent Coaching

One-on-one parent coaching offers more intense support to highly motivated parents that want quick results!  As opposed to traditional therapy, coaching offers support, tangible tools and accountability setting you up for success.    Available in single sessions for those who need just a little support and three month coaching packages for those who are looking to dig deeper and fast track their progress.  


Mental Health Support

One thing that is clear based on the research:  your child's mental health is dependent on yours!  It is crucial that you address your mental health so that you can show up the way you want to for your family.  I can help with a range of conditions from stress, burnout, and anxiety to individuals who need support through life transitions, tough feelings like anger, or relationship issues. Mental health coaching is designed to get you back on track when you're feeling stuck and help you create a more rewarding life.


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