Getting rid of the pacifier.

I frequently get asked by parents for tips on getting rid of the pacifier. It is a daunting and overwhelming process for both parent and child. I firmly believe that once the process is started, parents need to see it through—no matter what. This is for the sake of their little one really. Think about it from their perspective: they have a strong emotional connection to the pacifier, the parent takes it away, they get upset, the parent gives it back, the parent takes it away again, rinse and repeat. How traumatizing is that? Having said that, I know that is the LAST thing we as parents want to do to our kids! I’m afraid taking the pacifier away is like ripping off a bandaid: do it once, help your child through the pain providing them lots of emotional support and eventually they will move on. I don’t know many kindergartners that still use a pacifier…just saying. Here are my top five tips for parents who are wanting to get rid of the pacifier. Remember people, you’ve got this!!!!

Tips for getting rid of the pacifier.