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Toddler Communication Styles: What parents need to know.

In my last post, I discussed temperament and how it shapes how our children perceive and interact with the world around them.  This week on my YouTube channel, I'm sharing my insights on toddler communication styles.

What is toddler communication style you may be asking!  I like to think of it as a child's preference in how they communicate with others.  We all have our own style, right?  Some of us feel completely comfortable talking and interacting with people we don't know.  Others have a more cautious approach tending to be quiet, jumping in only when and if they feel comfortable.  

I see these communication results as an offshoot of temperament traits.  Having said that, however, unlike temperament traits which tend to be constant, I believe that communication styles are more malleable.  They can change with time, experience and confidence.

For example, my daughter was quite introverted during her school years. Quiet at school and with same aged peers, she was only chatty with people with whom she felt safe and comfortable.  Make a phone call to set up a doctor's appointment at age 18?  No way!  Have casual conversations with customers as a server?  Absolutely not!  

As her experience and self-confidence grew, however, her communication style changed.  This is not to say that she walks into a room and wants to be the center of attention, but rather, her ability to feel comfortable having casual conversations with others continues to grow and evolve.

I bring this topic up because of my strong belief that it is just one tool in our parenting tool box.  Understanding our toddlers communication style can help us as parents and care takers adjust our interactions so as to maximize learning and connection during language routines.  

Want to know what your child's communication style is?  Watch this weeks video by clicking here to learn more.