What is Parent Coaching?

Parent coaching is like having your own personal parenting expert in your back pocket. Together, we will  address your specific areas of concerns by:

  • Developing a plan of action
  • Identifying and coaching you on how to implement strategies that align with you and your family
  • Providing support, feedback and accountability helping you to achieve your desired outcome as quickly as possible

Different than therapy, coaching  focuses on immediate behaviors and/or developmental needs through the use of decision-making, problem-solving and education. 

Get ready to create change!

The Benefits of Parent Coaching  

There are many benefits to the parent coaching model including:  

  • Establishing healthy family relationships
  • Improving communication with your child
  • Building confidence in your parenting skills
  • Developing problem solving skills related to parenting that will serve you for years
  • Better understanding your child and family relationships
  • Learning better and more effective ways to respond to situations
  • Creating a calmer, happier family dynamic

Parent Coaching is based in the belief that YOU are your child's best and most important teacher!  My job is to give you the tools for change; your job is to implement them and I'll be right there with with you along the way. 


Single Coaching Session

This is perfect for parents who are new to coaching or families who are looking for looking for tools to tackle a specific area of need.  Your  coaching session will begin with  access to the coaching portal where you can schedule your session and share your concerns and needs prior to our meeting.  We will then meet for a 60 minute live coaching session in the portal where we will develop a plan of action and explore and identify strategies.  You will have access to the recorded session, notes and resources post session.


Coaching Package

This package is for parents who really want to dig deep and make big change in their families and big change takes big commitment. What better investment can there be than your child and family? The coaching package consists of six 60 minute coaching sessions. You decide the frequency based on what works best for your schedule, e.g., weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.  


Not sure if coaching is the right fit for you? 

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